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Avicenna is a healthcare system designed to survive in the most radical environments low technological infrastructure backed by a distributed infrastructure that solves frontline problems in healthcare for societies with limited resources.

This project is presented in the Bitcoin Games hackathon.

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How it works?


Digitize Health-care volunteer camps allowing notes to be recorded electronically and allowing volunteers to receive tips in lightning.



Create medical records to store sensitive data securely linked to a self-sovereign identity for patients using the Blockstream Satellite or Open Time Stamps.



Give every patient their own encrypted health passport that they can access offline from any health-care facility using Aviccenna.


Why Avicenna can bring high quality healthcare at no cost?

More than 700 million people, or 11% of the world population, still live in extreme poverty and is struggling to fulfil the most basic needs such as education or health. Access to good health and well-being is a human right, and that is why Avicenna offers a new chance to ensure that everyone can access the highest standards of health and health care—not just the wealthiest.

Avicenna provides a low cost, distributed technology able to aid in diagnosing patient illnesses based on past history and the patients’ complete health information. Medical records can also be created and updated to provide the last known information to the provider at the point of care. Avicenna provides a unique certification system to ensure each actual medical record is authentic, immutable and unhackable.

Different from other Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR), Avicenna uses a hybrid mechanism to be able to work in communities with low technology infrastructure. A typical patient’s medical record usually encompasses hundreds of pages and might even run into the thousands in the most extreme cases.

Health-care facilities using Avicenna are able to generate a modular passport to patients or legal guardians to encompass identity, medical records and prescription in a single unfakable document developed by using distributed technology.

Insight of a specific case | Paper Records

The Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta (LAKM) is the primary health provider via 4 mobile clinics for more than 200,000 individuals, including up to 40,000 in Akkar. The large majority of users (95%) are Syrian refugees, a disadvantaged and vulnerable group with highly complex medical and psychological needs - but have limited medical documentation. This makes it challenging for camp volunteers to provide the best possible care. The service faces several operational challenges:

  • Patients with complex medical needs.
  • Reliance on paper records.
  • Difficult to monitor clinical activity, expenses, and produce reports

Paper records are only able to capture very limited clinical information. This factor slow the clinics down and impact the quality of care they are able to provide. Low-resolution data also affects the Order of Malta’s ability to track clinic activity, costs, and demands on the service. When data are transcribed, the information is grouped into broad categories only.

Avicenna radically overcomes all of the issues from the curent system based on paper records.



E-Medical Records


Non Custodian


Bitcoin Certification


Medical prescription


Offline access


Immutable - Encrypted

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages is important to building prosperous societies. However, despite great strides in improving people's health and wellbeing in recent years, inequalities in healthcare access still persist. Avicenna is designed by core to overcome such inequalities by providing a high quality healt-care management system at a minimum cost.

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  • Generate Passports
  • Review Passports validation guidelines
  • View other qualified staff
  • Update doctor profile

Clinic staff

  • Generate Passports
  • View other qualified staff
  • Update donation page
  • Connect health-care facility lightning node


  • Manage users
  • Manage clinics
  • Review users
  • Review Passports validation guidelines